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Dr. Danielle Ramseur-Fischer

Dr. Danielle has a doctorate in Education. She has been teaching elementary school children for over 30 years. Her parents encouraged her to always read and always learn from an early age. Danielle is married to a wonderful and incredibly supportive Husband, she has two adult children, and an inquisitive grandson named, Elias. Danielle’s dream is to see her children’s books into the hands of children, and Mom’s and babies from the nonprofit she founded, Bundle of Books Inc., NFP. She believes a lifelong reader is a lifelong learner. “If you never stop reading, you never stop learning!”


My Animal Counting Book 

Children love animals from the zoo, in the wild, and animals as pets. Children 3 to 7 years old will love reading this delightfully rhythmic story counting animals one-by-one. 


Speaking Engagements

If you or your organization is interested in scheduling an author visit or book for speaking requests contact Dr. Danielle by clicking the button below.

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